The New and Improved Kelly Freas 1991 Collection

All prints are on 15x19-inch paper with generous margins for matting and framing, and most of these meticulous and exquisite reproductions are close to the size of the original paintings. Strictly limited to 100 prints numbered and signed in pencil, 100 prints signed in ink only, and 50 artist's proofs signed in pencil. Remarqes available upon request.

Hockey Game
Approximately 11x17 inches. Commissioned by Context '91 Science Fiction Convention in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. A small edition of souvenir prints was produced by the convention.

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Signed in ink only
Signed and numbered in pencil
Artist's proof signed in pencil
Remarque [personalized drawing by the artist on any of the above] add to price:

Approximately 10x15 inches. Acrylic painting for a cover of Amazing Stories. Shows the flagship of an interstellar invasion fleet in orbit around a planet whose surface shows the effect of an attack from space.

Haut Clare
Original is 18x24 inches, reproduced at about 50% size. Acrylic painting for a cover of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine.

Frog Prince
Approximately 12x16 inches. Acrylics. Cover of Weird Tales, Summer, 1990.

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Approximately 12.5x14 inches. Tempera, pen and colored inks on illustration board for Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine. A full-scale collaboration, this one received the Association of Science Fiction Artists' award for best magazine cover, 1990.

Original is approximately 12x14 inches. Colored pencil and collage for Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; the first official collaboration by Laura & Kelly. Not "quite" a portrait of the artists.