Starblaze Editions
16" 20" Open Edition Prints
by Kelly Freas

25 Space Probe
In which a stranger enters the planetary system...suggested by one of our most popular Analog interiors. Original acrylic on board, 15x20 inches.

26 Emily
Painted for "What happened to Emily Goode After the Great Exhibition" by Raylyn Moore, Starblaze 1978. Original acrylic on wood panel, 20x26 inches.

27 Apostle
For the story of that name by Roger Lovin, Starblaze 1978. Original acrylic on board, 20x26 inches.

28 Myth
For "Another Fine Myth" by Robert Asprin, Starblaze 1978. Original in pencil, marker, ink, acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc., 20x26 inches.

29 Matador
For "Confederation Matador" by J. F. Bone, Starblaze 1978. Original floated acrylic on board, 20x26 inches.

30 Isis
Painted for "The Ruins of Isis" by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Starblaze 1978. Original acrylic collage, 20x26 inches.


Price: $30 each plus shipping [see order form]

Autographs: $10.00 each.
Refer to image name and number when ordering.

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